Hop in! Where you headed?

I aim this blog at Hitchhiking stories, obviously. However, you can take that in the 'poetic' sense, as we are 'snakes' in time and the asphalt rivers take us to many places, as well as 'places'..

.... occasionally my own 'Road' spurs me to use this blog to communicate with someone I've 'travelled with' who holds a special meaning to me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Highway 410 Landslide pics

Was a bit cloudy today but I wanted a look at the area. Laura and I had just driven by here 12 hours before the Highway 410 slide happened. Geologically, we just made it! 12 hours! ........( awaiting your amazement).....Did I say 12 hours?
I mean LOOK!!!

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