Hop in! Where you headed?

I aim this blog at Hitchhiking stories, obviously. However, you can take that in the 'poetic' sense, as we are 'snakes' in time and the asphalt rivers take us to many places, as well as 'places'..

.... occasionally my own 'Road' spurs me to use this blog to communicate with someone I've 'travelled with' who holds a special meaning to me.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DayStar Dance Pow Wow
these guys are a couple Braves from the Yakima Group.
Their costumes were great, and face makeup on a few.
I'm not sure, but it felt like they were mimicking animal behavior.
I've been to this at least a couple times, once with my deceased best friend Jack Demson.
If I hadn't been so full on Gyro and eggs from Patty's Eggnest, I'd have bought
the Salmon Dinner for $12.
It happens every year here at Discovery Park, and parking is free and admission is only $5.00.