Hop in! Where you headed?

I aim this blog at Hitchhiking stories, obviously. However, you can take that in the 'poetic' sense, as we are 'snakes' in time and the asphalt rivers take us to many places, as well as 'places'..

.... occasionally my own 'Road' spurs me to use this blog to communicate with someone I've 'travelled with' who holds a special meaning to me.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

me and my big heart

no matter how well we did or did not know the other, i hope that some day,
perhaps from being a mom of 2 boys and maybe, i hope, from the growth of being now involved in your own culture...i hope some day....that you may realize how big my heart is. i hope you remember the time i mentioned i did not want to lose our friendship....
i know, finding the right words is always hard but worth it in the end.
i'm doing okay....but i guess life goes on. despite unfinished business. despite hauntings of a heart torn. there is good in all that's happened, somehow. but
all my time with you brings joy with tears.
truth: my whole life i never even thought about having the kind of happiness it looks like you have...til you... now i find myself yearning for that chance again.

take care.