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I aim this blog at Hitchhiking stories, obviously. However, you can take that in the 'poetic' sense, as we are 'snakes' in time and the asphalt rivers take us to many places, as well as 'places'..

.... occasionally my own 'Road' spurs me to use this blog to communicate with someone I've 'travelled with' who holds a special meaning to me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Reflection

In my own experience, it seemed, at least for awhile there, that every car I got into, whether a VW van, a Bug, a Fiat in Vancouver, or an old 1953 Chevy on highway 101...Credence Clearwater was playing. I wasn't maybe as much into Credence then but they grew into me more over the years as a link, an association, to hitchhiking in general.
You'd be sitting there for hours and hours, no one stopping to give you a ride, and then some magnetized soul would stop and ask you where you're headed, or else just flop the door open, and Green River, or Down on the Corner would be straining out of the radio, or the 8-Track. And, sometimes, the smell of some strange burning plant.
Music was a bond on the road, even if you were silently waiting. It was in our blood.
I'm sure other bands' music greeted me as many times, but for some reason I had noticed CC's stuff was prevalent--I DO love the flavor of it, but they weren't necessarily my favorite back then. It's like they crept under my awareness, and into my memories, and into my skin. That sound recreates a feeling, and by association, memories of the 60s and 70s, or perhaps a contact high if you couldn't afford another kind.
I'm hoping that some of you out there feel that way.

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