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I aim this blog at Hitchhiking stories, obviously. However, you can take that in the 'poetic' sense, as we are 'snakes' in time and the asphalt rivers take us to many places, as well as 'places'..

.... occasionally my own 'Road' spurs me to use this blog to communicate with someone I've 'travelled with' who holds a special meaning to me.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Interesting website: LUMOSITY

Before they passed on, my folks got me a little machine that had I think 100 or so New York Times crosswords on it... I never got a new card for it, because when I started on the hundred the second time, I realized I'd pretty much forgotten it, and now i'm sure they have a new format and I don't know if they still have to old cards...anyway, I found it worked like a cup of coffee in the morning, or with coffee to wake up my brain.
I just came across this website for perking up your brain in different ways.
It seems they have alot of good backers. After three days of mind improvement games, you can join, if it looks good to you.

Once you get an account, you play games every day to increase your abilities in different ways.


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